A novel by Ben Farmer
ISBN 13: 9781590204375   Overlook Press

As the British drove the French out of mid-eighteenth century Acadia (present day Nova Scotia), the beautiful seventeen-year-old Evangeline Bellefontaine is torn by British soldiers from her fiancé, Gabriel Lajeunesse, on the eve of their wedding. Heartbroken but determined, Evangeline—along with illegal trapper Bernard Arseneau and priest Felician Abadie—sets out on a ten-year journey to the French-Spanish colony of Louisiana to seek her long-lost love. Evangeline’s epic quest to find Gabriel brings her and her companions across North America’s colonial wilderness, through the French and Indian War, and into New Orleans’ rebellion against Spanish rule. The influence of Evangeline can still be found at every stop of her epic journey.

"Ben Farmer brings a legend to life in Evangeline, evoking with grace and panache the travails of the Acadians in mid-eighteenth century America from Nova Scotia to New Orleans. Farmer is a wonderful storyteller, and readers won''t soon forget this tale of love and fortitude. Simply riveting." 

- Keith Donohue, New York Times bestselling author of The Stolen Child and Angels of Destruction

"Majestic and stately as Conrad Richter''s Awakening Land Trilogy, Evangeline is a big book from a big mind."

- Katharine Weber, author of True Confections and Triangle

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