Evangeline - Research

Readers interested in related fictional accounts might turn to: 
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – Evangeline
 Felix Voorhies – Acadian Reminiscences
 Sidonie de la Houssaye – Pouponne and Balthazar
 Antonine Maillet – Pelagie
And below are the books, mostly of non-fiction, which I found helpful in my research.  
It would be egregious not to thank my editor, Aaron Schlechter, who found several books for me that I never would have considered, most notably, B.A. Botkin’s A Treasury of Mississippi River Folklore, which is worth anyone’s time who cares at all for water, or America. 
 The aforementioned Botkin
 Carl Brasseaux – The Founding of New AcadiaDenis-Nicolas FoucaultScattered to the Wind French, Cajun, Creole, Houma
 Anselme Chiasson – The Seven-Headed Beast and Other Acadian Tales
 Andrew Clark – Acadia
 Sir Arthur Doughty – The Acadian Exiles: A Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline
 John Mack Faragher – A Great and Noble SchemeDaniel Boone
 Charles Freeman – The Closing of the Western Mind
 Charles Gayarre – Louisiana: Its History as a French Colony (Third Series of Lectures)
 Jeannette A. Grant – Through Evangeline’s Country
 Gwendolyn Midlo Hall – Africans in Colonial Louisiana
 Kniffen, Gregory, Stokes – The Historic Indian Tribes of Louisiana
 Charles Mahaffie Jr. – A Land of Discord Always
 Carolyn Podruchny – Making the Voyageur World
 John Ross – War on the Run
 Sally Ross and Alphonse Deveau – The Acadians of Nova Scotia
 Ned Sublette – The World That Made New Orleans
 Chretien de Troyes – Perceval
 Daniel Usner, Jr – Indians, Settlers & Slaves in a Frontier Exchange Economy (The Lower Mississippi Valley before 1783)
 Lloyd Vogt – Historic Buildings of the French Quarter

 * Everything I read was either written in, or translated into, English.